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Getting Your Project Done Right

When it comes to completing your construction projects, ICL has the concrete, mixers, and accessories you need. Reliable products are essential to a complete and professional job. Whether you need concrete for a simple sidewalk or a large complex project, ICL has a range of products to get the job done right.

We have a full-line of accessories:

  • Integral hardener
  • Anti washout (underwater admixture)
  • Self consolidating concrete (SCC)
  • Coloured concrete (Victoria’s only liquid colour dispensing system)
  • Polypropylene fibers – micro-reinforcement
  • Zip strip
  • Liquid and coloured powder release agents
  • Anchor bolts
  • Post saddles
  • Concrete sealers
  • Poly
  • Surface retarders

We’ve also allied ourselves with the best suppliers in the industry:

Gravity Wall Blocks

Gravity wall blocks are on hand at our plant. They come in the following sizes:

  • Standard Block – 152 cm x 76 cm x 76 cm (5’ x 2.5’ x 2.5’) Weight – approximately 1,814 kgs (4,000 lbs.)
  • Mini-Block – 102 cm x 51 cm x 51 cm (40” x 20” x 20”) Weight – approximately 454 kgs (1,000 lbs.)

We have keyed, flat top, transition, and half blocks available and usually in stock. For all your concrete, concrete accessory, and gravity wall block needs, you’ve come to the right place. Independent Concrete Ltd. has what you need to complete your project. Calculate the concrete you require for your project today.

Gravity wall block diagram
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